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Business tips-Many people think that if they open their website, shop or group on social networks, they will immediately find themselves in an entrepreneurial paradise, where profits will flow literally from the sky, and customers will line up in a long line.

Business tips
                                                         Business tips

But, as you know, this happens only in Hollywood films. But in reality, businessmen face a lot of difficulties before they find themselves on the entrepreneurial Olympus.

And in this article I would like to give some advice to people who want to build a successful business. Ready? Then let’s go!


No matter how trite it may sound – it all starts with sales. Whatever kind of business you have, and whatever you make, sales are the key word in the business.

Even if you produce free products, such as applications or digital products: you must secure an audience that will download, try and leave feedback. And which over time can become your customers.

Remember: website creation does not guarantee high sales.

1. Business development plan

Many aspiring entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of making a plan. Preparation and planning. What could be more boring than these two stages of work? Nevertheless, these are the most important and crucial steps, by skipping which you can cool your life hard.

The ideal option is to draw up a clear scenario for the development of your business, which includes determining the target audience, creating a product, promoting it, as well as a map of its development.

2. Four questions that you must answer

There are four questions that you should know the answers to like the back of your hand. If you do not know them, then building a successful business for you is like walking to China. Here they are:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What is their number?
  • Where do they get the information from?
  • What is their purchasing power?

The answers to these questions are a real treasury for the business owner. Unless you want to sit in a puddle, be sure to find the answers to these questions.

To find out who your customers are, you can explore your closest competitors. Perhaps this is one of the cheapest ways to get to know your target audience.

To understand the number of your potential customers, you can go in several ways. Again, it will be very useful to study competitors. It is also worthwhile to analyze key queries through Yandex Wordstat or the Keyword Planner .

In Wordstat you need to enter key phrases related to your products / services and press Enter. Further, the service will give you statistics of requests per month. Based on these figures, you can approximately understand the “appetites” of the audience.

Knowing where your future customers “live”, you can correctly and inexpensively start promoting your products and services.

By understanding the purchasing power of users, you can build the right pricing policy. These numbers are also needed for your product management.

3. Sales Department

Salespeople are one of the most important people on your team. And their selection must be approached wisely.

Even if your company receives hundreds of applications a day, if your sellers work through their sleeves, the results will be depressing. This is the same as throwing money away.

4. Show your passion

When creating products and services, you must do it sincerely, with desire. Products created from the heart are most successful. Even when you talk about your products, people will feel this passion, passion.

This way, it will be easier for people to believe in your product and buy it. Also, doing everything sincerely, you will not have an internal conflict preventing your business from growing.

People, before making a purchase, first of all remember not the brand itself, but its attitude towards users and their problems. Or what a company expresses and believes in. When buying your products, users should remember you and your reverent concern for them.

5. Be patient

Business is not the same as hired work. On the contrary, it is just the opposite. When employed, you can expect to receive a guaranteed fee at the end of the month.

As a businessman, you have no guarantees and cannot be. Business is that fragile ground on which you can maneuver and maintain balance. But stability, especially at the beginning, is not worth counting.

However, the amount of remuneration from a business owner can be incomparably greater than that of an ordinary employee. Thus, you need to have some patience in order to be able to build a successful business. As A. Einstein said:

If someone wants immediate results, let him go to the shoemakers.

User support

With the development of technology, users have become more active than ever. Social networks, calls from sites, support services, mobile applications, forums – all this has changed the relationship between client and business.

Today, the most successful companies have followers around the world. They do not create products. They create a fan base. This is a new reality where you just need to build the right relationship with users.

6. Build relationships with the audience

According to research, on average, people decide to buy a particular product after 6-7 interactions with the brand. Thus, hoping for an instant purchase of your products is not worth it. Now you need to be able to build relationships with users. Here’s what Jason Rubel, vice president of startup, who received $ 10 million in investment from Intel, says this:

Although we are a SaaS platform, our users communicate closely with us. In turn, we are also working on building customer relationships. One of the advantages of this approach is that if users find some kind of error in our program, they tell us about it. And we are working together to fix bugs. This is much better than if they abandoned our product and bought something else.

7. Do not expect weather from the sea

Many people think that users who are dissatisfied with the product will certainly write to the support service about this. And put everything on the shelves. But actually it is not.

Not everyone likes to “complain” about the jambs of a product. It’s easier for many to refuse and choose something else. Personally, I vaguely remember the last time I wrote about errors or bugs of a particular product. Here’s what Mark Kushinski, CEO of MaidPro says:

You always need to be in touch with your users, and receive feedback from them. Indeed, dissatisfied customers may not write to you to tell you about the problems that have arisen. But at the same time, they can tell their friends about it and refuse your product.

Business tips
                                                Business tips

8. Find the most effective communication channels

Modern people have a wide choice in the means of communication and platforms for obtaining information. And this is very good. But not always for business owners.

If larger companies can still afford a presence in all corners of the information world, then for small businesses this is an impermissible luxury.

Significant budgets are needed to develop communities on social networks, a YouTube channel, conduct webinars, and everything else. And this poses a very serious challenge to a small business.

It consists in the fact that it is extremely important to find the most effective platforms for attracting customers, and focus on them. Thus, instead of investing in dozens of channels to attract users, you should focus on one or more of the most effective.


Modern marketing is focused on the user: to understand the needs of the audience, to convey to them the right message, in the right place, and at the right time.

9. What do people follow when shopping

It is very important to understand what is the main reason your customers shop. Obviously, if they buy public recognition with your product, you should focus on this in advertising campaigns. On how high the status your exclusive product will give them.

If customers with the purchase of your product hope to find safety, then you need to tell them about what high level of security they will receive. Here’s what Kyle Lacey from Open View Venture Partners says:

The job of a marketer is not to come up with a new creative billboard … It is to understand what people are making a purchasing decision about and create content around it.

10. Increase your income

Sell ​​more those products or services that are most profitable. Those that have the greatest margins. This advice is taken for granted, however, many neglect it.

For example, you are selling a product with a margin of 20% and a service with a margin of 50%. Obviously, it’s more profitable for you to sell more services. Despite this, many do not see the difference between more profitable and regular sales.

Do not make this mistake. Try to use cheap products as a seed for larger deals. And you will profit.

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