What Is Hybrid SIM Slot | How Hybrid SIM Slot Working

What is hybrid SIM slot?

Hybrid SIM Slot is one which can work both as a SIM card Slot and a microSD card Slot. This implies we can either place another SIM in a half Slot SIM space and utilize your phone as a double SIM cell phone or you can put a microSD card in it for extending the memory of your phone.

what is a hybrid SIM card slot in smartphones ?

various hybrid SIM card slot combinations and finally advantages and disadvantages of hybrid SIM card slot. if you are a smartphone user you are already familiar with dual sim slot. the dual sim slot allows you to have two SIM cards on the same phone. either both CDMA or GSM or a combination of GSM and CDMA you must have heard or seen hybrid SIM card slot. in the latest smartphones but still most of the users are still confused with what a hybrid SIM card slot is and how to use it. of late the term hybrid SIM card has become the new buzzword.

Samsung Galaxy s7 SIM card slot

the Samsung Galaxy s7 and many latest smartphones features a hybrid SIM card slot. if you have been wondering what in the world a hybrid SIM card slot is we will demystify it for you. in this Article so that you do not remain in any confusion when buying your new smartphone. also in this Article we will discuss about the various advantages and disadvantages.

advantages and disadvantages

advantages and disadvantages of a hybrid SIM card slot. before we proceed further with the Article if you are viewing this Article from our website. for the first time please share to our article. for more latest Article and tech updates if you are already a use of our site thank you for your continued patronage please do support us. by liking and sharing this Article now first let’s quickly.

advantages Of hybrid SIM card slot

now let’s know the advantages of having a hybrid SIM card slot in your smartphones one fundamental advantage with having a hybrid SIM card slot. that it saves physical space on the phone. as smartphone brands are vying for the coveted slimmest phone title space occupied by card slots .becomes extremely important for the smartphone manufacturers providing a hybrid SIM card slot is a great advantage and help them. to make the phone much slimmer and also reduce some of the circuitry involved. but there’s nothing much in this for users since it provides no additional functionality.

Disadvantages Of hybrid SIM card slot

now let’s know the disadvantages of having a hybrid SIM card slot. in your smartphones the main disadvantage of hybrid SIM slot is that it limits your phone functionality having a hybrid SIM card slot. may look great at first but a closer look reveals the inherent disadvantage. that is you can either use the slot as simplice SIM which is nothing. but having dual SIM setup or as simplice micro SD which is nothing but having just single sim with micro SD card setup. if you wish to have two sims and still want to expand storage capacity using a micro SD. it’s not possible which is a major drawback of hybrid SIM. slot you have to be happy with either a dual sim smartphone or an expanded storage capacity with a single sim.

Quick Not About hybrid SIM card slot

know what’s a hybrid SIM card slot is. a hybrid SIM card slot provides a slot where you can put two SIM cards or a SIM card plus a microSD card at the same time. if you wish you can have two SIM cards in the hybrid card slot or if you are happy with just one sim you can use the remaining space on the slot to place a micro SD card and expand storage capacity. so basically with the hybrid SIM card slot you can either use your phone as a dual sim smartphone or you can expand the storage capacity. by replacing one of the Sims with a microSD card the hybrid SIM slot can be a separate slot or can be present on a SIM card. tray where the other normal SIM card slot is also present.

hybrid SIM card slot Size

  • now let’s quickly know the actual sizes of all the SIM cards!
  • the standard sim is known as mini sim and measures 25 millimeters by 15 millimeters.
  • dimension a micro sim is smaller than a mini sim measuring 15 millimeters by 12 millimeters.
  • the nano SIM is the smallest of the three measuring just twelve point three millimeters by 8.8 millimeters.
  • Micro SIM is the most common nano SIM slot is found in most of the latest smartphones instead of providing three separate slots two slots for sims and one slot for memory card.
  • the phone manufacturers now provide only two slots out of these two slots one slot is used for SIM while the second slot is used for either similar SD card in short a user has two options for the second slot now it’s upon users what they really want how they want to use the other slot.

Options For hybrid SIM card slot

Options For hybrid SIM card slot

  • now let’s quickly see option one -1sim plus one micro SD if they don’t want to use the device as a dual sim then use the second slot as micro SD card insert the micro SD card in the second slot.
  • later your phone memory will be increased and now you can treat your phone as a single sim so choose whether you want your device to be a dual SIM device or give it more storage no hassles no difficulty all can be done within seconds cool isn’t it.
  • you can also use a nano SIM in place of the Micro SIM card so that brings us to the possible combinations you can use on the hybrid SIM card slot.

combination 1 :

  • combination one micro sim plus nano SIM or micro SD card.

combination 2 :

  • combination to nano simplest nano sim or microSD card hybrid dual SIM slot feature is available in many new smartphones.

combination 3 :

  • hybrid dual SIM slot feature is available in many new smartphones Like Samsung Galaxy c5, galaxy c7, mezzo pro 5 etc. in some smartphones the internal storage is big enough 32 gigabytes or 64 gigabytes so we don’t think that you really need the hybrid slots to expand the storage.

final words about hybrid SIM card slot

to put it all together a hybrid SIM card slot is good for manufacturers but not for users since it restricts the functionality to some extent. the manufacturers have figured out a way to make the smartphone slimmer by saving on space with the hybrid card slot. but users now have to make a conscious decision between choosing dual sim smartphone not phone functionality and a single sim with expanded storage functionality tough choice. let us know what you think about the hybrid SIM card slot in the comments section thank you for raeding this Article if you find this Article useful and interesting please share and comment this Article please make sure to check Article description section for additional information in all the Articles from our website that’s all for now we will come back with new Articles and tech updates.


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