Niagara Falls indescribable power and beauty 2020

  • Niagara Falls is one of the natural wonders that can be seen on the border of Canada and the United States . At the entrance to the waterfall, water vapor rises for several kilometers and the sound of water is heard. You can enjoy the greatness of Niagara from the observation platforms from above and below, as well as climb by helicopter or ride a boat at the foot of the waterfall. Each visitor receives a waterproof bag for personal belongings and a raincoat – you won’t leave this place dry, but you will get an unforgettable experience for which you will want to return again.

    Waterfall history

    Translated from the language of the indigenous inhabitants, the name of the waterfall translates as “thunder of water”. It was formed about 6000 years ago: the ice sheet moved from east to west, changing the topography and system of water bodies – many rivers were forced to look for new channels. After the glacier melted, a huge amount of water poured into the Niagara River, creating a waterfall.

    Niagara Falls consists of three parts of different widths:

    • “Horseshoe” – the Canadian part of the waterfall and its largest part (800 meters wide)
    • “American Falls” and “Fata” are portions of Niagara possessed by the US .

    Attractions Niagara

    In addition to a huge stream of water descending from a height of 50 meters, Niagara will delight tourists and other attractions located within a radius of 10 kilometers:

    1. IMAX movie theater. Here films will be shown and stories told about the waterfall and the daredevils who tried to conquer it: exhibits were displayed in the hall on which people did it. Among the most unexpected items are a barrel, a life jacket, and a boat.
    2. Botanical Garden. The garden is located 9 kilometers north and covers an area of ​​100 acres. The main attraction of the garden is the world’s largest floral clock: they consist of 19,000 flowers.
    3. Orangery of butterflies. It created a special tropical microclimate that supports the livelihoods of 2,000 species of butterflies collected around the world. Exotic plants necessary for the full life of butterflies grow in the greenhouse. The greenhouse offers tourists a relaxation area with a pond, fountains.
    4. Queen Victoria Park. Tourists will be pleased by the observation deck overlooking the waterfall and amazing plants, including sakura blooming in spring.
    5. Park “Niagara Glen” will tell about the secrets of geology and biology, will surprise even the most sophisticated tourist, showing a lot of unusual natural things.

    How to get and when is it better to come?

    While in Canada, you can leave from Toronto to the town of Niagara Falls: the journey will take 2 hours, buses leave every 1.5-2 hours. Next, you need to transfer to a local bus: you will be taken to the waterfall in 20 minutes, a ticket costs $ 3.

    Observation decks are open all year round, but it is better to come in the summer – so you can enjoy stunning views without freezing and without discomfort. In winter, viewing platforms and beaches are covered with ice, but there is also the advantage of a winter visit: at this time a festival of lights and fireworks is held.

    Interesting Facts

    • To see the rainbow, it is better to watch the waterfall from the Canadian side from 12 noon to sunset
    • Within walking distance from the waterfall there is the Rainbow Bridge, through which the border between the USA and Canada passes.
    • The first person who jumped from the Horseshoe and survived was Sam Patch – it happened in 1829
    • In 2012, the 128-year ban on the passage of a waterfall with a metal cable for the sake of the acrobat Nick Wallen was lifted – a distance of 550 meters was covered in 25 minutes
    • The volume of falling water of Niagara reaches 5720 cubic meters per second
    • For thousands of years, the waterfall has shifted several kilometers to the south.
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